Fibromyalgia: How Do I Get Better?

by Cinda Crawford

How Can I Get Better from Fibromyalgia?

I’m suffering with Fibromyalgia. The chronic pain is interrupting every aspect of my life because it is excruciating, hardly ever gives me a moment’s rest and leaves me drained of energy to do anything but suffer. Surely, I have more symptoms than I can tolerate. My family even suffers because I’m not really a part of them like I used to be. Many of my friends have deserted me. If this keeps up, I might lose my job! I need to know what I can do to begin feeling better.

And I need help… NOW!


So, how are you going to get better?

A) Put your attention first on this important aspect of healing: restoring your “normal” sleep schedule, such as going to bed at a decent hour and getting 8 to 9 hours of rest. Hopefully, soon, you will begin to wake up refreshed and feeling better.

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B) The second thing to do is to make an earnest attempt to decrease your stress levels. There are many methods to employ for this, but start by adding a slow- paced exercise such as a gentle, easy-does-it water aerobics, yoga, meditation, tai chi or entry level Pilates class. Continue your stress reduction with therapy, guidance, and joining a Fibromyalgia support group with a positive, encouraging atmosphere.

Two important side notes:

(1) *Definitely, do not push physically to the point of overdoing. If you do, you will trigger your body into a full-blown setback. And realize that what may be tolerable for your body one day may be that “overdoing” the next day. Go slowly and learn to listen reverently to what your body is telling you.

(2) *Some people have to consider cutting back on their hours at work to give themselves a chance to heal. Such a cutback may be temporary or more permanent to keep you healthier. If you’re a pusher (e.g. an over-achiever with a type A personality) or you have a demanding job, your level of job stress may be one of the biggest sources of stress in your life!

C) The third thing to do is to revamp your kitchen, stocking it with good quality, organic, healthy foods and clean, purified water. Your body needs the best fuel to run on when you’re healthy and even more so when you’re struggling to come back from illness. Maybe it’s time to pay attention to this important aspect of healthy living. It can’t hurt and the benefits can really pay off.

Note: if you can’t afford organic-quality foods, get a good food wash from your local health food store and wash or soak every fresh vegetable you put in your mouth. Most fruits can be given a light wash, too. However, for fruits like berries and grapes which are sprayed with lots of chemicals if they’re non-organic, it may be best to grow your own if that’s possible or pay the price occasionally for organic quality. All during the life cycle of a grape, for instance, it gets lots of regular exposure to pesticides. Yuck! You don’t want those in your system disrupting all the good things you’re trying to do.

Also, stay away from pre-packaged foods that contain preservatives, dyes, food colorings and potentially toxic substances such as MSG/ monosodium glutamate. I won’t address “sugar substitutes” at this point, but you may want to consult health sites such as Dr. Mercola’s, which is an excellent place for all types of general health advice and health products.

I personally never touch any food or drink product that includes the artificial sweetener, Aspartame. I believe that Aspartame makes me hurt (causes me to feel all over body pain) and very likely exacerbates more symptoms. That’s one reason why I do not drink the average diet soda. (There are other health reasons, too, to consider staying away from sodas.) Consider eliminating all Aspartame containing foods and drinks from your diet.

Many people who drink diet sodas are addicted to them, whether they realize it or not. By eliminating them from your diet, you may go through a withdrawal period where you crave them terribly. That’s no fun, but, in the end, you’ll feel better. Take them out of your diet and begin drinking pure water, herbal tea, etc. For me, my pain went down considerably when I cut Aspartame from my diet.

D) And check out massage therapists; know that most types of massage are helpful, but what feels good to one person may not appeal to the next. It is a personal preference. Also, look into acupuncturists, tai chi, Reiki masters, regular physicians, Rheumatologists, Pain doctors, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. The possibilities are endless.

Note: Many professionals can be helpful in helping you relieve your symptoms. However, you should question them about their skill in working with people like you before you begin treatment. If you don’t feel comfortable, either don’t do it at all or get up and leave in the middle of a session. That’s your right and may keep you from having a bad reaction due to receiving their care. You have my permission! :-)

*Click the following link to get access to my video and interview with Elizabeth Fletcher Brown, a massage therapist and owner of Massage Success Radio. It will be really helpful to learning more of what you need to know about using massage to help you when you’re suffering with an illness like Fibromyalgia.

The A through D suggestions on this webpage are a great place to start your journey to wellness. However, as you make your way down what can be a very long list of professionals ready to help you, spending your time and money in the process on their services, ask yourself…

Is there anything else? Maybe something that’s possibly better, faster and ultimately less expensive?

The answer for many people is YES! Certain alternative healing methodologies help a lot of people feel better everyday. That’s a fact.

If you would like to investigate one more possibility and discover how the exciting, energy healing phenomenon of Sacred Cellular Healing (SCH) is helping a lot of people with Fibromyalgia regain their health, make a point to learn more about it.

Just a quick note… I created Sacred Cellular Healing (SCH). I see personal clients like you in Roanoke, VA, plus I work on people at a distance. One part of the “work” is conducted by talking on a regular telephone or via Skype, a free service on the Internet. Normally, getting this type of personal work is a rather speedy process, particularly compared to the months and years that I’m guessing you’ve been ill! My aim is to get help you get back on your feet and more functional as quickly as possible. (No supplementation is required, but sometimes people feel better if they do because they have been ill so long.)

Hint… hint… my newest, most exciting dream is to teach a lot of people how to heal themselves and other people, too, by using the Sacred Cellular Healing protocol!

Here now is my latest membership course which teaches you what you need to know about Sacred Cellular Healing. Take a few moments to explore the information about Learn How to Heal Yourself. Afterward finishing the course, you should be able to heal yourself!

A wise person once said (paraphrased), lunacy is doing the same things over and over again while expecting a different result!

Don’t let that be your legacy. To get healthy and get well from Fibromyalgia, you must change what you are doing, thinking, believing and feeling to achieve a renewed level of health and wellness.

All my best, Cinda Crawford

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